IBBI Recognition No: IBBI/RVO/2021/016

IBBI Updates

Important decisions taken on 38th IBBI Meeting

7 April 21

  1. The RVOs were requested to provide specific confirmation through an e-mail or a letter that none of their members have conducted valuation for the asset class in which they were not registered with the Authority.
  2. RVOs were requested to have a policy on peer review with the approval of their Governing Board
  3. Clarifications on the credit of CPE hours- It was clarified that CPE credit for a program attended by an RV cannot be used to comply with the CPE requirements of multiple professions and can be used only once

39th IBBI – RVO Meeting

7th June 21

  1. 16 hours of CPE is mandatory for Registered Valuers.
  2. IBBI shall monitor compliance with the CPE requirements from 1st April, 2019
  3. The CPE will be conducted through Online mode (vide circular No. IBBI/RVO/032/2020 dated 20th March, 2020)
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40th IBBI – RVO Meeting

7th JULY, 2021

The action taken on the minutes of the 39th meeting with CEOs/MDs of all the RVOs was reviewed and it was appreciated that all the RVOs had submitted their ATRs.

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41st IBBI – RVO Meeting

9th August, 2021

IBBI Up-date based on 41st meeting, dated August 9, 2021, of all CEO’s, MD’s and hon’ble members of IBBI

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42th IBBI – RVO Meeting

7th September, 2021

The 42nd meeting of all the business heads of Registered Valuers’ Organizations was held on 7th September along with Respected members of IBBI through Video Conferencing under the chairpersonship of Dr. M.S. Sahoo, Chairperson of the IBBI.

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Mom 43rd Meeting

7th October, 2021

43rd meeting of all MDs and/or /CEOs of Registered Valuers Organization (RVO) took place on October 7, 2021, under the chairmanship of WTM (RM) IBBI. WTM(RM) welcomed all the participants.

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